Conference program

Wednesday, July 6 | Thursday, July 7 | Friday, July 8 | Guidelines for presenters

Schedule BIS 2016

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
09:00 – 10:30 Tutorial: DBpedia
Tutorial: Intel-TAP
Tutorial: Social CRM
09:00 – 10:30 Doctoral Consortium (for accepted doctoral students only)
Pavlina Davcheva, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg: Decision Support System for Player Substitution in Football
Milena Stróżyna, Poznan University of Economics and Business: A Dynamic Assessment of Risk and Reliability of Supply for decision support systems in maritime domain
Norman Spangenberg, University of Leipzig: Development of an information system architecture for operating room management
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 – 12:30 Tutorial: DBpedia
Tutorial: Intel-TAP
Tutorial: Social CRM
11:00 – 12:30 Doctoral Consortium (for accepted doctoral students only)
Elżbieta Lewańska, Poznan University of Economics and Business: Towards Automatic Business Networks Identification
Sebastian Eckert, Free University of Berlin: Classification of Data Analysis Tasks for Production Environments
Christian Hrach, University of Leipzig: Toward an User-Oriented Analytical Service Modeling
Dominik Filipiak, Poznan University of Economics and Business: Improving the Quality of Art Market Data using Linked Open Data and Machine Learning
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 – 15:00 Tutorial: Introduction to Data Value
Tutorial: Intel-TAP
Tutorial: Social CRM
Tutorial: Models
Doctoral Consortium – Mentoring Session (for accepted doctoral students only)
15:00 – 15:15 Coffee break
15:15 – 16:45 Tutorial: Introduction to Data Value
Tutorial: Intel-TAP
Tutorial: Models
16:45 – 19:00 Break
19:00 – 23:00 Welcome Reception (SR 1)
Keynote: Prof. Dr. Henk G. Sol

Thursday, July 7th, 2016
09:00 – 10:30 Big/Smart Data (1-3)
Lisa Wenige and Johannes Ruhland: Flexible on-the-fly recommendations from Linked Open Data Repositories
Tobias Weiss, Madlen Diesing, Marco Krause, Kai Heinrich and Andreas Hilbert: Effective Visualizations of Energy Consumption in a Feedback System – A Conjoint Measurement Study
Galina Baader, Robert Meyer, Christoph Wagner and Helmut Krcmar: Specification and Implementation of a Data Generator to simulate Fraudulent User Behavior
09:00 – 10:30 Applications (1-3)
Chao Zhang, Lili Wan and Daihwan Min: Persuasive Design Principles of Car Apps
Atul Singh, Rajasubramaniam T, Gurulingesh Raravi, Koyel Mukherjee, Partha Dutta and Koustuv Dasgupta: TRaining AssigNment Service (TRANS) to meet organization level skill need
Aistis Raudys: Portfolio of global futures algorithmic trading strategies for best out-of-sample performance
09:00 – 10:30 Workshop: BITA 2016
Dierk Jugel, Kurt Sandkuhl and Alfred Zimmermann: Visual Analytics in Enterprise Architecture Management: A systematic literature review
Rogier Van de Wetering: Modeling Alignment as a Higher Order Nomological Framework
Anne Gutschmidt, Kurt Sandkuhl and Ulrike Borchardt: Multi-Touch Table or Plastic Wall? Design of a Study for the Comparison of Media in Modeling
09:00 – 10:30 Workshop: DeBASE 2016
Janine V. Hacker, Alexander Piazza and Trevor Kelley: Do You Write What You Are In Business Communications? Deriving Psychometrics From Enterprise Social Networks
Jeffrey Saltz, Ivan Shamshurin and Colin Connors: A Framework for Describing Big Data Projects
Christian Linn and Dirk Werth: Sequential Anomaly Detection Techniques in Business Processes
Ilias Pappas, Patrick Mikalef, Michail Giannakos, John Krogstie and George Lekakos: Social Media and Analytics for Business: A Conceptual Framework
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 – 12:30 Big/Smart Data (4-6)
Dominik Filipiak, Henning Agt-Rickauer, Christian Hentschel, Agata Filipowska and Harald Sack: Quantitative Analysis of Art Market Using Ontologies, Named Entity Recognition and Machine Learning: A Case Study
Ralf-Christian Haerting, Maik Mohl, Philipp Steinhauser and Michael Möhring: Search engine visibility indices versus visitor traffic on websites
Yacine Djemaiel, Nadia Labidi and Noureddine Boudriga: A Dynamic Hybrid RBF/Elman neural networks for credit scoring using Big Data
11:00 – 11:30 Applications (4)
Niklas Petersen, Sören Auer, Christoph Lange, Marvin Frommhold and Sebastian Tramp: Towards Federated, Semantics-based Supply Chain Analytics
11:30 – 12:30 Business and Enterprise Modeling (1-2)
Ekaterina Bazhenova, Susanne Buelow and Mathias Weske: Discovering Decision Models from Event Logs
Stephan Zimmermann, Christopher Rentrop and Carsten Felden: Governing IT Activities in Business Workgroups—Design Principles for a Method to Control Identified Shadow IT
11:00 – 12:30 Workshop: BITA 2016
Iyad Zikra: The Communicative Nature of Information Systems Integration as an Enabler for Business IT Alignment
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Shilov, Andreas Oroszi, Mario Sinko and Thorsten Krebs: From Products to Product-Service Systems: Business and Information System Changes
Michael Vaknin and Agata Filipowska: Information Quality Framework for the Design and Validation of Data Flow within Business Processes – position
11:00 – 12:30 Workshop: AKTB 2016
Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska and Irene Krebs: Exploring the influence of the use of an ERP system on strategy development in German and Polish manufacturing enterprises: An empirical investigation
Birger Lantow, Kurt Sandkuhl and Michael Fellmann: Visual Language and Ontology Based Analysis: Using OWL for Relation Discovery and Query in 4EM
Virgilijus Sakalauskas and Dalia Kriksciuniene: Targeting Advertising Scenarios for e-shops Surfers
11:00 – 12:30 Workshop: iCRM 2016
Lars Busch: Invited Speech Matchwerk
Neusa Pressler, Dilson Oliveira, Mário Camarão F. Neto and Analaura Corradi: CRM in the AMAZON: Overview of Social Media Consumption
Luiz Ferreira, Antonio Lavareda, Harry Cruz, Olaf Reinhold, Rainer Alt and Adamo Santana: Evaluation of Candidates Metrics for Performance of Social CRM on Brazil Market Environment
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 – 14:30 Keynote: Stephan Schambach
14:45 – 16:15 Smart Infrastructures (1-3)
Ramon Hermoso, Jürgen Dunkel and Jan Krause: Situation Awareness for Push-based Recommendations in Mobile Devices
Gelu I. Vac and Lucian Gaban: A new perspective over the risk assessment in credit scoring analyses using the Adaptive Reference System
Patrick Lübbecke, Markus Siepermann and Richard Lackes: Drivers and Inhibitors for the Adoption of Public Cloud Services in Germany
14:45 – 16:15 Business and Enterprise Modeling (3-5)
Tobias Widmer, Marc Premm and Stefan Kirn: A Formalization of Multiagent Organizations in Business Information Systems
Thomas Stuht and Andreas Speck: Bridging the Gap between Independent Enterprise Architecture Domain Models
Ángel Jesús Varela-Vaca, Diana Borrego, María Teresa Gómez-López and Rafael M. Gasca: An Usage Control Model Extension for the Verification of Security Policies in Artifact-Centric Business Process Models
14:45 – 16:15 Workshop: AKTB 2016
Loredana Mocean, Vasile Paul Bresfelean and Mara Hajdu Macelaru: A Proposal of an Academic Library Management System based on an RDF Repository
László Grad-Gyenge and Peter Filzmoser: The Paradigm of Relatedness
Ilona Veitaite, Audrius Lopata and Neringa Žemaitytė: Enterprise Model based UML Interaction Overview Model Generation Process
14:45 – 16:15 Workshop: iCRM 2016
Fábio Lobato, Marcia Pinheiro, Antonio Jacob Jr., Ádamo Santana, Olaf Reinhold and Rainer Alt: Social CRM: Biggest Challenges to Make it Work in Real World
Armin Felbermayr and Alexandros Nanopoulos: Emotions in Online Reviews to Better Understand Customers’ Brand Perception
Douglas Cirqueira, Antonio Fernando Lavareda Jacob Junior, Fabio Manoel Franca Lobato, Adamo Lima De Santana and Márcia Pinheiro: Performance Evaluation of Sentiment Analysis Methods for Brazilian Portuguese
14:45 – 16:15 Tutorial: Block Chain
16:45 – 18:15 Smart Infrastructures (4-6)
Henryk Piech and Grzegorz Grodzki: Parallel real time investigation of communication security changes based on probabilistic timed automata
Ingrid Schirmer, Paul Drews, Sebastian Saxe, Ulrich Baldauf and Jöran Tesse: Extending Enterprise Architectures for Adopting the Internet of Things – Lessons Learned from the smartPORT Projects in Hamburg
Anja Thamm, Jürgen Anke, Sebastian Haugk and Dubravko Radic: Towards the Omni-Channel: Beacon-based Services in Retail
16:45 – 17:45 Business and Enterprise Modeling (6-7)
Jad Asswad, Georg Hake and Jorge Marx Gómez: Overcoming the Barriers of Sustainable Business Model Innovations by Integrating Open Innovation
Marzieh Bakhshandeh, Catia Pesquita and Jose Borbinha: An Ontological Matching Approach for Enterprise Architecture Model Analysis
16:45 – 18:15 Workshop: AKTB 2016
Laurynas Dovydaitis, Tomas Rasymas and Vytautas Rudžionis: Speaker Authentication System Based on Voice Biometrics and Speech Recognition
Róbert Magyar, Ján Paralič and František Babič: Decision Support System for Foreign Exchange Markets Using Data Mining Methods
16:45 – 18:15 Workshop: iCRM 2016
Matthias Wittwer, Olaf Reinhold, Rainer Alt, Finn Jessen and Richard Stüber: Social Media Analytics using BI and Social Media Tools – Differences and Implications
Stefan Reichert and Jens Strüker: Assessment of Business Benefits for the Operation of a Smart City Energy Management Platform
Panel Discussion
16:45 – 18:15 Tutorial: Block Chain
19:00 – 23:00 Conference Dinner (Alte Börse)
Keynote: Dr. Sebastian Kiebusch

Friday, July 8th, 2016
09:00 – 10:30 Ecosystems (1-3)
Alexandru-Ioan Stan: High-frequency trading, computational speed and profitability: insights from an ecological modelling
Milena Stróżyna, Gerd Eiden, Dominik Filipiak, Jacek Małyszko and Krzysztof Węcel: A Methodology for Selection of Internet Data Sources – Use-case from the Maritime Domain
Anke de Vries, Claudia-Melania Chituc and Fons Pommee: Towards identifying the business value of big data in a digital business ecosystem: A case study from the financial services industry
09:00 – 10:30 Service Science (1-3)
Doreen Mammitzsch and Bogdan Franczyk: Service self-customization in a network context: Requirements on the functionality of a system for service self-customization
Michael Fischbach and Rainer Alt: Risk-aware pricing of B2B services. Concept, realization and application to a payments transaction processing service
Florian Bär and Kurt Sandkuhl: On the maturity of service process modelling and analysis approaches
09:00 – 10:30 Workshop: INCLuDE 2016
Michael Aleithe and Galina Ivanova: An Architectural Model for High Performance Pattern Matching in Linked Historical Data
Robert Schima at al.: Implementation of an Integrated Data Model for an improved Monitoring of Environmental Processes
Mathias Wittwer at al.: Describing the Context of Interactions with Context Models
09:00 – 10:30 Workshop: IDEA 2016
Rogier Van de Wetering and Rik Bos: A meta-framework for Efficacious Adaptive Enterprise Architectures
Alfred Zimmermann, Rainer Schmidt, Kurt Sandkuhl, Dierk Jugel, Justus Bogner and Michael Möhring: Multi-Perspective Digitization Architecture for the Internet of Things
09:00 – 10:30 ScaDS Big Data Industry Forum
Opening Prof. Franczyk
Introduction Competence Center for Scalable Data Services and Solutions (Prof. Erhard Rahm, Leipzig University
Blending Tools and Data in KNIME (Dr. Björn Lohrmann, KNIME)
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 – 12:00 Social Media (1-2)
Gerald Stei, Sebastian Sprenger and Alexander Rossmann: Enterprise Social Networks: Status Quo of Current Research and Future Research Directions
Ralf-Christian Härting, Michael Möhring, Christopher Reichstein, Rainer Schmidt and Barbara Keller: Influencing Factors Increasing Popularity on Facebook – Empirical Insights from European Users
11:00 – 12:30 Process Management (1-3)
Luise Pufahl and Mathias Weske: Batch Processing across multiple Business Processes based on Object Life Cycles
Isabel Bücker, Mario Hermann, Tobias Pentek and Boris Otto: Towards a Methodology for Industrie 4.0 Transformation
Thomas Benker: A generic Process-Data-Warehouse-Schema for BPMN-Workflows
11:00 – 12:30 Workshop: INCLuDE 2016
André Müller at al.: Emerging Big Data Architectures for Cross-Domain Data Integration
Adam Pyka and Tomasz Skalniak: Service Management Platform for an eldery people – overview
Toralf Kirsten at al.: On Integrating Health and Environmental Data in Epidemiological Studies
11:00 – 12:30 Workshop: IDEA 2016
Barbara Keller, Laura Di Pietro, Michael Möhring, Martina Toni and Rainer Schmidt: Data-Centered Platforms in Tourism: Advantages and Challenges for Digital Enterprise Architecture
Lars Brehm and Barabara Klein: Applying the Research on Product-Service Systems to Smart and Connected Products
11:00 – 12:30 ScaDS Big Data Industry Forum
Quo Vadis Research and Higher Education ICT Landscapes (Markus Zappolino, EMC)
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 – 14:30 ScaDS Big Data Industry Forum
Keynote: Dr. Wojtek Kozaczynski (Monitoring the Cloud)
14:30 – 14:45 Coffee break
14:45 – 16:15 Workshop: INCLuDE 2016
14:45 – 16:15 ScaDS Big Data Industry Forum
System G (Frederick Ho, IBM)

Guidelines for presenters

  • Presentation should be max. 20 min long. Afterwards, there will be 10 min for discussion. Thus, 30 min total per paper.
  • Presenter might use his personal computer or use the one in the conference room.
  • If you wish to use conference computer, please prepare presentation in ppt/pptx and pdf format.