DBpedia Tutorial on Semantic Knowledge Integration in established Data (IT) Environments

Overview | Lecturers

Enriching data with a semantic layer and linking entities is key to what is loosely called Smart Data. An easy, yet comprehensive way of achieving this is the use of Linked Data standards.
In this DBpedia tutorial, we will introduce

  • the basic ideas of Linked Data and other Semantic Web standards
  • existing open datasets that can be freely reused (including DBpedia of course)
  • software and services in the DBpedia infrastructure such as the DBpedia SPARQL service, the lookup service and the DBpedia Spotlight Entity Linking service
  • common business use cases that will help to apply the learned lessons into practice
  • integration example into a hypothetical environment

In particular, we would like to show how to seamlessly integrate Linked Data technologies into existing IT- and data-environments and discuss how to link private corporate data knowledge graphs to DBpedia and Linked Open Data. Another special focus is on finding links in text and unstructured data.

Interesting links:
DBpedia website
DBpedia Lookup
DBpedia Spotlight
Virtuoso Server [2]


2 sessions a 90 minutes (half day)

Target audience

- Practitioners that would like to learn about linked data and take home the know-how to apply it in their organisation
- Researchers and students that would like to use linked data in their research


The tutorial is held by core members of the DBpedia Association and members of the AKSW/KILT research group in the context of three large research projects:
Smart Data Web

Markus Freudenberg <freudenberg@informatik.uni-leipzig.de> (main contact)

Markus Ackermann, Kay Müller, Sebastian Hellmann, AKSW/KILT, Leipzig University

Smart Data Web