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Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) means using the Social Web for customer interaction. To monitor and analyze the big data emerging in the Social Web, a variety of software tools enables various degrees of automation. They allow first insights into the discussions between Social Web users and provide also information for the improvement of customer services. However, CRM processes often require more specific information and many standard tools quickly reach their limits and the desired information can only be retrieved by a manual analysis.

The tutorial will address strengths and limitations of these tools in a hands-on training. It will demonstrate how information is extracted from the Social Web with free and professional tools as well as basic methods for standard and advanced analysis. In five lessons the participants will learn how to configure such tools, to interpret the retrieved information, to configure own solutions with the help of BI technology and how to apply advanced methods for the identification of clusters and influencers with the help of Computational Intelligence Methods.
The tutorial aims at professionals that aim to explore the possibilities of turning Social Media data into knowledge for their CRM processes as well as researchers and students that desire to use data from Social Media in their studies. The demonstrations aim to provide the audience with hands-on knowledge for daily work and to give an outlook on current developments that allow for deeper insights into Social CRM processes.


The tutorial is organized by the Social CRM Research Center (SCRC) in cooperation with the Universities from German-Brazilian Partnerships for Social CRM:

  • Olaf Reinhold (Leipzig University, Social CRM Research Center),
  • Toni Hutter (Leipzig University),
  • Matthias Wittwer (Leipzig University, Social CRM Research Center),
  • Finn Jessen (Leipzig University),
  • Marcia Fontes Pinheiro (Universidade Federal do Pará) and
  • Luiz Cortinhas F. Neto (Universidade Federal do Pará).

The workshop is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

More information about the SCRC is available at: www.facebook.de/SCRCLeipzig and www.scrc-leipzig.de.


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