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Data is widely recognized as one of the most important assets in any business, yet there are few (if any) standards for calculating the value of data. This tutorial will introduce the attendee to new research in the field of data value and describe emerging business processes and IT architectures that support data valuation.

In this Data Value tutorial, we will introduce:
▪ Examples of companies making the transition from “product value” to “data value”.
▪ Sample use cases of billion dollar data valuation
▪ A list of “negative data valuation” activities that are prevalent in most companies
▪ A list of target “positive data valuation” activities that should become a business focus
▪ A list of recommendations for Architecting for Value
▪ A survey of emerging IT architectures that support Data Valuation
▪ An invitation to participate in Data Value activities and workshops

Interesting links:
▪ Dr. Jim Short: Principal Investigator (PI) at San Diego Supercomputer Center
2015 Introduction of Research
The Future of the Data Economy
Entrepreneurs and Data Value
January 2016 Data Value Workshop
Data Value Keynote Speech at eMerge Americas
Emerging IT Valuation Architectures


2 Sessions a 90 minutes (half day)

Target audience

- Students and teachers interested in receiving an overview of data value for the first time
- Entrepreneurs and business owners desiring to capitalize on their data assets


Steve Todd Steve Todd (Twitter: @SteveTodd) is currently in his fourth decade as an inventor for EMC Corporation. He is a software engineer that has filed over 250 patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. His passion is not only to come up with ideas but also to collaborate with his co-workers to deliver these ideas as working products. He is currently working on building Data Valuation toolsets and services.